An online book fair featuring dealers of rare books, ephemera, maps, and vintage photography.

Signup to become a dealer

Getman’s Virtual Fair will run starting at noon edt on the first Tuesday of each month and will close in the following Thursday EDT. Dealers must register and upload their items for their booth by Friday before any fair is to open. Booth pricing is based on the value of the items you post. The minimum rental is $60 and the maximum is $200 per fair.
You are allowed up to 12 items per fair.
Items must be fresh to market meaning not currently listed on any other selling site.

  • Items under $100 = $5 per item
  • Items $100-$249 = $10 per item
  • Items $250- $499 = $20 per item
  • Items $500+= $25 per item

If none please provide dealer references.